Camperpark Lingewaard Things worth knowing

Things worth knowing

  • On the 15 of April 2017, after a preparation and building period of 2.5 year, Camper Park Lingewaard opened its doors!
  • Starting at the camper park there are beautiful walking and cycling paths and routes. Taking nice water taxies to cross the river Rijn, river Waal or river Linge is one of the possibilities. There are also biking routes to the region Achterhoek, Millingerwaard or Ooijpolder.
  • How about visiting the castle of Doornenburg! This is a castle worth a trip and with lots of activities for the entire family.
  • The fortress of Pannerden is also worth visiting. This fortress, belonging to the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, is well hidden underneath the ground, but still counts 5 levels! From the rooftop you will have a spectacular view over the river Waal, river Rijn and the Pannerdensch Canal.
  • At our camper park you will find 20 beautiful camper spots. Those spots are the most spacious in the region. The camper park is uniquely situated between lovely rivers, landscape and several nature parks.
  • The camper park is not far from highways A12 and A15 and therefor easy reachable.
  • Camper Park Lingewaard is a great starting point to discover the beauty of the province of Gelderland.
  • Within walking distance of the camper park you will find our fishing and recreation venue where you can calmly fish for carp and white fish.
  • You can use the facilities that are part of the fishing and recreation venue. There is a cosy club house with terrace, a jeu des boules course and arching at request. In short, lots of great activities!
Things worth knowing camperpark lingewaard
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