Houwe rules camperpark lingewaard

House rules

The house rules of Camper Park Lingewaard;


  • You have to list yourself when passing the barrier on your right at the sanitary building.
  • It is prohibited to place plastic mats on the grass.
  • The maximum number of dogs aloud per camper spot is 2. All dogs have to be on a leash while on the venue.
  • Dogs have to be walked outside the venue premises. The use of a dog waste bag or shovel is obligatory.
  • Garbage(bags) has (have) to dumped in the garbage containers.
  • It is prohibited to wash the camper at the camper spot.
  • Waste water must be dumped at the specially arranged spots.
  • The toilet must be dumped at the specially arranged spots.
  • The sanitary facilities are not a childrens play area.
  • Camper pitches offer space for campers in all lengths. Here is no limit to.
  • It is prohibited to smoke in and around the sanitary facilities.
  • To prevent the sewage from constipation it is prohibited to dump or flush moisturized wipes, disposable cleaning wipes or kotex in / through the toilet.
  • Our guest highly appreciate it if you leave behind the facilities in an orderly manner. By doing so you and the other guests will always enter a pleasant and clean facility.
  • If there are any complaints or remarks, please contact the manager.


If we can all keep to these house rules the venue will always stay clean and everyone benefits from that.

We wish you a very pleasant stay at Camper Park Lingewaard.

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