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Gendt and the region

Province         Gelderland

Municipality  Lingewaard

Surface           12.64 km2

Residents       7200


Gendt is a town with historic city rights and is a former municipality of Over-Betuwe. The town is situated near the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen in the province of Gelderland.


Gendt is directly located at the river Waal, appr. 5 km North-East of Nijmegen and has been granted city rights in the year 1233. In 2001 Gendt, Huissen and Bemmel have been conglomerated into one new municipality named Bemmel. On the 1 of January 2003 the name was altered into Lingewaard. Lingewaard now consists of the former communities of Gendt, Huissen, Bemmel, Angeren, Doornenburg, Haalderen and Ressen.




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